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thread and needleDon’t you think sewing stuff is just about the best pastime ever, and useful too? Nowadays we sew quilts and baby blankets and cushion covers and anything we can get our hands on, and I put it all to the great invention of electronic and computerized sewing machines.

I’ve been sewing stuff for years and years and used many models of sewing machines; there were great sewing machines to use as a beginner, and following that I found the best sewing machines for embroidery and quilting.

I always give the old ones away (they weren’t really that old but I outgrew them fast and I love to share my passion with new hobbyists). Anyway, this is where I’m about to share with you all about choosing and buying a good sewing machine for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine

If you’re new with sewing, you’d be wanting to get the best sewing machine for beginners. A beginner sewing machine should be easy to handle but it doesn’t have to be basic. By all means find a sewing machine with all the functions you want it to have.

I wouldn’t recommend buying a sewing machine with all the fancy functions if you aren’t going to use them though, since the price difference can be large.

First, you need to know what you want do now, and plan slightly ahead for what you might want to do with the sewing machine in a year or two. For instance, if you want to learn sewing now, consider if you’ll be learning to quilt later on. If you’re mainly doing embroidery, find a good embroidery sewing machine.

Type of Sewing Machines

  • Regular sewing machine – Does your regular sewing jobs, but some models come with embroidery or quilting features.
  • Embroidery sewing machine – Some sewing machines are purely for embroidery and they can be expensive.
  • Quilting sewing machine – The best sewing machines for quilting will include plenty of quilting accessories.

Type of Work vs Price

  • Heavy – If you often sew a lot of heavy fabrics, go for sewing machines above the $250 mark.
  • Light – For regular sewing, cheap sewing machines are good enough.

If you plan to bring the sewing machine to sewing classes, get something lighter and more portable.

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Sewing Machine Reviews

These are the best sewing machines I feel worth recommending to you folks who love sewing, and for those who are just starting out, get the best beginner sewing machine.

For more reviews, click here to go to my Sewing Machine Reviews Blog.

Top Sewing Machine Brands

There were two big players when it comes to sewing machines but now there are more. It is often a tough decision choosing between the two major competitors – Brother and Singer. I personally have used both Brother sewing machines and Singer sewing machines and both brands are good.

Janome and Michley are relatively newer brands. Janome is gaining popularity fast. Do read my reviews on the best sewing machine brands:

Other Things You Need to Know About Sewing Machines

embroidered pillowI have been sewing since my mother taught me how on her very ancient sewing machine. All that experience plus researching each time I buy a new sewing machine must have made me an expert, yes? I’d like to share with you everything about sewing machines that I know, so here are some articles I wrote:

Top Sewing Machines List

buttonsHere’s a list of sewing machines by their model names.

Read more sewing machines reviews and guide posts in my blog. With all these information and tips I hope you will be able to find the right sewing machine for your needs. Very soon you might even be making clothes for your children’s dolls! Happy shopping!

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