Vintage Pyrex : Primary Color Mixing Bowls

pyrex primary mixing bowls

These primary color nesting bowls were the original colored bakeware produced by Pyrex and are by far the most popular of all the nesting bowl sets. When many people think of Pyrex this is what comes to mind. The 4 bowl set was introduced in the 1940′s-1970′s and were a staple in many housewives kitchens.

pyrex primary mixing bowls

pyrex primary mixing bowls

In the ad below from 1955 you can see all of the colors and sizes and look at the price! We got lucky with our set since Shayne’s parents gave it to us. His dad found it while he was cleaning the garage. This set consists of a 1.5 pint blue bowl, 1.5 quart red bowl, 2.5 quart green bowl, and a 4 quart yellow bowl.

Name: Primary Color Mixing Bowls
Type: 400 Series Mixing Bowls Set
Size: 1.5 pint #401, 1.5 qt. #402, 2.5 qt. #403 and 4 qt. #404
Year: 1940′s-1970′s

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5 Responses to “Vintage Pyrex : Primary Color Mixing Bowls”

  1. elizabeth says:

    That’s funny. I have the same set passed down from my grandma but the colors are red, orange, yellow and brown (largest to smallest).

  2. Sandra Hartman says:

    I have a set of these bowls, same colors, but no number on the bottom. Do some of the bowls have numbers?

    • Anissa says:

      Hi Sandra,

      You must have an older set of the primary bowls because the sets from the 1940s were not numbered on the bottom. Since your set does not have numbers on the bottom look for the markings T.M. REG. in an arch above PYREX and U.S. PAT. OFF below in an upward facing arch. The later sets from the 1950s – 1970s do have numbers.

  3. Katherine says:

    LOVE that vintage ad for the Pyrex bowls! I have the same set that you do, and I also lucked out as it was in my family.

  4. Kathleen says:

    The Primary set with only the TM and US pat number are the early bowls from 1940′s, you can also feel how much heavier these bowls are. I will have this early set at Antique Crossroads, in Hagerstown MD soon….

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