Vintage Pyrex : Dot Bowls

pyrex dot bowls

This pattern is called New Dots and it is one of my favorites. Only seen on this set of mixing bowls, it features three bands of dots in shades of orange, yellow, blue and green on a white background. This was originally sold as a set of three bowls in 1967. The large green bowl was added later and can be a harder piece to find.

pyrex dot bowls

pyrex dot bowls

If you can find these as a set on ebay you will end up paying a crazy price. I pieced my set together finding them at different locations. The green and blue bowls at the farmer’s market, the yellow at a local antique shop and the orange one a caved and bought on ebay but only because I was so anxious to complete the set!

pyrex dot bowls

Name: New Dots
Type: 400 Series Mixing Bowl Set
Size: 1.5 pint #401, 1.5 quart #402, 2.5 quart #403 and 4 quart #404
Year: 1967

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4 Responses to “Vintage Pyrex : Dot Bowls”

  1. Susannah says:

    I cannot believe these are vintage, they look like something produced today, but the fact they are vintage makes them so much more precious in my eyes. I would love to get hold of these but being in the UK they will not be easy to find, and I hate paying over the odds for anything, even Pyrex!!

  2. cathy says:

    Congrats on completing this. I hope to finish my daughters set during “The Worlds Longest Yard Sale” this week-end. I need the blue and red one for her. If I see enough I may try and do another set too.

  3. Anissa says:

    Cathy- thank you. I hope you had some luck in completing your daughters set of dot bowls!

  4. Hi! I just bought the blue dot for a buck last night! My research brought me here! ;)

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