6 Months

Isley Elizabeth turned six months old at the beginning of this month. Although I say this often, six months has to be my favorite age. She is the happiest baby, full of smiles and silly giggles. I love waking up to her babbling and still toothless grin. I seriously have the biggest crush on this gal and love being her mama!

Here are a few things Isley is doing this month:

Forever trying to crawl and gets very frustrated when she can’t.
She’s a petite thing. Weighing in at 13lbs 6oz and is 25.25″ long
Can sit up but only for a few seconds before toppling over.
Started solids and is loving her veggies.
Does not care for fruit at all and make the cutest “fruit face” with every bite.
So curious and easily distracted by everyone and everything.
Loves to people watch.
Grabbing and reaching for anything she can get her hands on.
Is a drooling machine. Those pesky bottom teeth can come in anytime.
Her sweet coos have been replaced with dinosaur like screeching, squealing and screaming.
Loves her Dad and is always on the lookout for him and his beard.
Since getting a break from her clubfoot brace during the day, this girl loves to kick. We’re talking crazy legs kicking.

I cannot wait to see what next month has in store.

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