Watching: Parenthood of course. It just seems to get better and better with each season. I’m sad that the season finale is tomorrow already.

Learning: How to use my camera in manual mode finally! I’m ashamed to say that for over two years of having my Nikon DSLR it was almost always in auto mode. During the holidays I took a phenomenal workshop on Clickin’ Moms (Shooting 101 The Best Darn Beginner Course Ever) and I am so happy with everything I learned. I’m determined to learn more, take another workshop and get the hang of Lightroom.

Reading: I received an issue of Click Magazine recently and cannot get enough. I’m definitely going to have to subscribe. Also reading a few of Izzie’s favorites: Where Is Baby’s Bellybutton, Goodnight Moon and Babylit Pride and Prejudice.

Looking Forward To: A certain baby’s teeth finally emerging.

Loving: Cozy and slow winter days spent snuggling with a napping baby.

Listening To: Jessie Ware. I saw her on Jimmy Fallon and can’t stop listening.

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