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How can it be the end of February already? I swear since having Isley time goes faster than ever. I’m glad to see another Winter month behind us though and Spring needs to get here and quick! So, this month we finally started to make wedding plans. We’ve been engaged almost six years and something was always holding me back from planning. I was sure I was born without the bridal gene. Turns out I’m just not into the whole huge wedding thing so we are keeping things small. I’m talking just the two of us small. Talk about excited!

We’ll also be starting our hunt for a new place to live very soon. One bedroom living is starting to get a bit cramped. I’ll be so sad leaving the place we’ve called home for seven years but I’m looking forward to a new adventure.

Finally, last month one of my goals was to get out for a date night or two…it didn’t happen. I can count on one hand the number of times we have been gone just the two of us since becoming parents. I know it’s important for us to have couple time but I have worse separation anxiety than Isley does. Here’s hoping we get out in March!

Things I’m looking forward to in March:

• A date night
• Warmer weather please
• Isley turning 8 months old
• Apartment/house hunting
• My best friend’s baby being born
• Wedding plans

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