8 Months

8 months

8 months old

Isley turned 8 months old last week! Like I say each month, how is this possible and where is the time going. I only wish there were a way for me to freeze this moment. I’m realizing more and more each day that this time in our lives, her being this small, is oh so temporary. I never want to forget her as she is right now.

Here are a few things Isley is doing this month:

Has one tooth coming through on the bottom
Gives the sloppiest open mouth kisses
Blows raspberries on my arm and on her pacifier
Sits up in shopping carts like a big girl
Loves to chew on her shoes
Still wearing mostly 3-6 month clothing but some 6-9 month items are starting to fit
Still taking 2 naps a day
Has lots of energy (I wish I had half of what she does)
Gets up on her knees and can kind of crawl backwards
Wears size 3 diapers
Loves her teething toys: keys, sophie the giraffe and cold teething rings
Starting to get some separation anxiety when away from mom
For the most part very happy. Always smiling and laughing

Happy 8 months sweet girl! Looking forward to what next month has in store for us.

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